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Audi Skysphere concept teaser details inspiration from ritzy Horch 853A

Audi wants to reinvent the sports car with the help of autonomous driving.

We knew Audi had a bundle of new concept cars coming, but on Tuesday, the brand shared just a little bit more about the first of three new prototypes it wants to show the world. That'd be the Skysphere concept. In a video with Henrik Wenders, Audi's senior vice president, and Marc Lichte, the brand's design chief, the two tease what's to come by looking back at the past.

Specifically, the two take a look at the Horch 853A, one of the companies that would help create Audi after mergers took place in 1969. The Skysphere takes heavy influence from the 853A's proportions, according to the two executives. We're talking about little to no front overhang, an elongated hood and a major focus on the rear wheels' stance. Audi, and many enthusiasts, consider the 853A an icon and the brand wants to recreate such a car with the Skysphere concept. To be honest, a car from the roaring '20s is a hard act to follow.

Audi Sky Sphere teaser

Alright, very cool so far.


But, Audi thinks it can do it as we re-enter the modern '20s. The Skysphere will be about ultimate luxury and performance, while putting the driver in control. Lichte and Wenders mention the car will have a fully autonomous mode, but in seconds, the driver can retake control and enjoy what the Skysphere has to offer. I took a quick screen cap of the car as it flashes across the screen briefly so you can get an idea of what this car is all about, and I think it shaping up to look quite nice so far. A second teaser shows the car's huge, stretched shape with some futuristic taillights, too.

Audi plans to reveal the vehicle on Aug. 10, so stay tuned as we approach its debut.