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Audi teases Sphere concepts for performance, luxury and urban mobility

The Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere and Urban Sphere will each home in on a certain element to define them.

Audi Sky Sphere teaser
The Sky Sphere looks pretty cool so far.

Audi said it's already penned the future, so there's no need to keep trying. I jest, and it's not as simple as that, but with the Audi Sphere concepts, the luxury marque said this is the direction of the brand's future, and we'll see the three cars revealed over the next year.

The brand teased the Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere and Urban Sphere in a LinkedIn post last week on the company's chief designer's, Marc Lichte, personal page. Strange place to hype up new concept cars, but nevertheless, Lichte and Henrik Wenders, Audi's senior vice president, spent a couple minutes talking the concepts up. Each of the three cars remained under their cloaks, but the simple sketches shown give us an idea of what to expect.

The Sky Sphere looks a lot like a coupe model, and noting its name, could be a convertible. The simple drawing shown reveals a very low-slung vehicle with a long hood and lovely proportions. Even under the sheet, this one looks pretty slick. The Grand Sphere sounds a lot like a sedan with all the typical luxury vehicle goods packed into it for a grand tourer kind of experience. Finally, the Urban Sphere, honestly, looks like a tall minivan. Maybe it is, or maybe it's a bulky SUV of sorts. At any rate, this one's supposed to be centered around the driver or passengers. It may be the latest take an an Audi pod car of sorts, but we'll have to wait and see.

Both the Audi executives mentioned autonomous driving capabilities for these concepts, so certainly expect some of that, but also look for electric powertrains and Audi pushes into the future of zero-emissions driving. We'll keep you posted on the latest regarding this trio as we learn more.