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Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar deliveries postponed amid electrical issues, report says

The supercar is reportedly "struggling with electrical issues," according to a new report. Aston Martin says the car will reach customers soon.

The first car will hopefully end up in the owner's hands in a few days.
Aston Martin

It's been a month since the Aston Martin Valkyrie began production after years of development. However, according to a Thursday report from Bloomberg, all is not well with the supercar's electrical systems. Sources speaking to the publication said deliveries have been delayed as the company works through electrical issues inhibiting the Valkyrie.

Aston Martin said in a statement the first customer car completed its shakedown and will be delivered in the next few days, but did not speak to any specific issues surrounding the delay. "Valkyrie production continues at pace, with double-digit deliveries expected before the end of the year," a spokesperson added.

"Double digit" deliveries may not sound like many, but Aston Martin only plans to build 150 of the standard supercars at roughly $3 million per car. There will be an additional 85 Valkyrie Spiders and 40 Valkyrie AMR Pro models, built exclusively for the track.

We first saw the Valkyrie show up in concept form way back in 2016, and eventually come to life with a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine developed by Cosworth. The Valkyrie won't have many supercar rivals to compete with directly, but Mercedes-AMG continues to ready the One supercar with a Formula 1-derived 1.6-liter turbocharged V6. After numerous delays, Mercedes plans to start production of the supercar next year.