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Mercedes-AMG One supercar is finally coming next year after numerous delays

Production of the limited-run supercar will start next year, Mercedes-AMG confirmed.

Mercedes-AMG One
Finally, it's nearly here.

After a number of delays for the Mercedes-AMG One supercar, there's going to be one more delay. But then it's finally coming. Autocar first reported on Thursday that the One will arrive in mid-2022 and the brand confirmed to Roadshow that production will kick off next year for first deliveries.

The supercar, which runs a powertrain derived from Mercedes-AMG's Formula One race car, has been quite the task to develop. Since we're talking about a 1,000-horsepower engine that was only meant for the track, getting the powertrain ready for street and regulatory use posed numerous challenges. That includes the fact that this engine is meant to idle at around 5,000 rpm. Engineers needed the 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 hybrid to idle around 1,200 rpm, and according to the report, this was a mighty big challenge for engineers on the project.

After four years of problem-solving, the car's production run of 275 units will begin. Of course, they're all sold out, even if you have millions sitting around to spare. But for those lucky customers, they're finally getting one hell of a car after four years.