Aston Martin reveals AMR Track pack, Q options for the Valkyrie

The AMR Track Performance package cuts lap times by 8 percent.

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Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Valkyrie, the incredible 1,130-horsepower hypercar codeveloped with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, can now be made a little bit quicker thanks to a new AMR Track Performance package. When equipped, Aston says the track-only package will made the Valkyrie 8 percent quicker per lap.

The upgrades for the Valkyrie are quite extensive, with the Track package encompassing new body panels for improved aerodynamics, lighter titanium brakes, magnesium wheels and a new suspension setup consisting of different dampers, antiroll bars and torsion bars. It's unclear just how involved it would be to swap between the standard and the AMR Track Performance parts, but it doesn't sound like something an owner would do themselves. Along with the car parts, you can also opt for a matching racing suit.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Track Performance package

Unique bodywork makes the Valkyrie even quicker.

Aston Martin

It's worth mentioning that, yes, Aston will also offer a specific AMR Pro track-only version of the Valkyrie. But this AMR Track Performance package is for those who have the road-going model and want to swap between street and circuit.

Of course, you wouldn't want your Aston Martin Valkyrie to look just like the other 149 copies sold, so the company's "Q by Aston Martin" division is also on hand to help with customization options. There are four Designer Specification themes to choose from, or owners can personalize each and every part of the Valkyrie to their liking.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Spirit

The Valkyrie "Spirit" has Ethanol Silver paint with Caycous Orange graphics.

Aston Martin

For instance, you can opt to have the Valkyrie's roof and engine cover finished in exposed carbon fiber rather than the standard gloss black. Inside, there are six different color choices for the seat belts, as well as an array of materials for the upholstery and even the switchgear, the latter available in titanium if so desired.

Aston Martin also offers a Gold Pack, which features 24-carat gold-leaf trim under the paint lacquer, as well as a Mokume Carbon Fiber package that finishes various interior and exterior elements with the lightweight material. To help visualize what the finished product might look like, Aston buyers can use virtual reality software at the company's Gaydon, UK headquarters to "see" their car ahead of time.

Aston Martin says it will announce even more options and customization possibilities for the Valkyrie. In other words, the expensive hypercar is not for the indecisive. For a few ideas, you can see a selection of the various customization tweaks and designs in the gallery below.

Aston Martin adds even more ways to tweak your Valkyrie

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