Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro is the most insane Aston yet

And, naturally, they're all sold out already.

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Aston Martin

It takes a special kind of crazy to look at a 1,000-plus-horsepower, barely-road-legal hypercar and say, "We can make this better." Thankfully, ranks are thick with people who had that exact thought, and the world is better for it.

Aston Martin announced Thursday that it will build a track-only version of its forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar, which it developed with the help of Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

As with the Vulcan AMR Pro before it, Aston Martin placed even more emphasis on aerodynamics over the "standard" version of the car. The Valkyrie AMR Pro has larger front and rear wings, along with new active aerodynamics to help keep the shiny side up at all times. The wheels are smaller, but that's so they can accommodate racing tires similar to those on top-tier LMP1 Le Mans prototypes.

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All we have for now are renderings, but that's more than enough to kick the drool factory into high gear.

Aston Martin

Aston helped cut weight by removing some of the bits and baubles from the road-legal version, including the infotainment screen and the heater. The windshield is made from polycarbonate material, the carbon fiber bodywork is lighter and molded racing seats replace the standard ones. Because track-legal cars have lower noise regulations, the exhaust is lighter and louder, too.

Under the hood, the Valkyrie AMR Pro still retains its hybrid setup, but the 6.5-liter V12 gas engine has been tweaked to produce more power and torque, although Aston didn't get into specifics. The electric side of the system will be tweaked a bit, as well. That means the Valkyrie AMR Pro will put out more than the estimated 1,130 hp of its road-legal brethren.

The numbers only get more terrifying from there. Aston estimates that the top speed of the Valkyrie AMR Pro is close to 250 mph. It can handle cornering forces in excess of 3.3g, and it'll decelerate even quicker than that. Red Bull's simulators show that the car is nearly as capable as a modern Formula 1 or Le Mans Prototype, except it's something the regular public can purchase. That's... fun.

The Valkyrie AMR Pro will be limited to just 25 examples, all of which are sold out already. Deliveries aren't expected until 2020, which is about how long it'll take us mere mortals to process that this thing even exists.

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