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Apple Maps gains Waze-like incident reporting feature with iOS 14.5

It's part of a series of other updates and new features included with iOS 14.5.

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Apple Maps incident reporting



iOS 14.5 is here, and with it comes a long-awaited function for Apple Maps: incident reporting. Now, with the native Apple navigation app running, users can report a crash, hazard or "speed check" to others. Aside from the display icons on the phone or infotainment screen when running CarPlay, the feature also works with Siri voice control.

You can tell Siri, "there's a crash ahead" or "there's something in the road" and Apple Maps will mark the incident for other drivers in the area. Neat stuff. Apple said it designed its version of the feature to keep drivers focused on the road and to minimize distractions. If a previously reported incident isn't around any longer, you can clear it as well. 

In addition to the incident reporting feature, iOS 14.5 now lets people who are walking or cycling share their estimated time of arrival with friends or family. When using CarPlay, the function also works via Siri or keyboard controls.

iOS 14.5 is available for download now.