2023 Maserati GranTurismo Reveals Sharp Design

Specs are still light, but we know it will be available with both gas and electric propulsion.

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2023 Maserati GranTurismo
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2023 Maserati GranTurismo

Welcome back, GranTurismo.


Maserati has previewed the next-generation GranTurismo for over a year now. First, it showed off some camouflaged models, then it released a shadowy teaser for the GT's upcoming electric version. Now, we finally get to see what the sheet metal looks like without any obfuscation.

Maserati on Wednesday showed off the 2023 GranTurismo grand touring coupe without any camouflage. It has evolved from its previous form, but it still retains the same primary design tenets -- there's a sharp front end, a long hood, and a nicely tapered silhouette that ends with some more curves. The front fascia picks up more than a bit of influence from the new MC20 supercar, and I like what I see.

2023 Maserati GranTurismo Picks Up Plenty of MC20 Influence

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The GranTurismo's rear end picks up some MC20 influence, too, by way of thin triangular taillights that wrap ever so slightly around the side of the car. It looks lithe, but make no mistake, this is a grand tourer through and through. Colleagues who've seen the new GranTurismo in person have told me that it's surprisingly large in person, which should give it quite the on-road presence.

The version we see here uses Maserati's Nettuno V6, the same engine found in the MC20. While the automaker hasn't yet published official specs, it's safe to say the GT's Nettuno is probably detuned a bit compared to the MC20, where it makes 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. When the electric version launches, it'll be the flagship, using three electric motors producing four digits' worth of horsepower. How do you say "yowza" in Italian?