2023 Honda Accord Teasers Hint at a Sleeker Sedan With Built-In Google Smarts

Fans of Google Maps, rejoice.

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2023 Honda Accord Teaser
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2023 Honda Accord Teaser

Don't tell Honda, but I see a little bit of Taurus from this angle.


Honda has had one heck of a busy year. Thus far, the automaker has debuted new iterations of the CR-V and HR-V crossovers, and it's also teased its next-generation three-row Pilot SUV. But the automaker isn't done just yet. There's still a new Accord on the way, and today, we get a better idea of what to expect from it.

Honda on Tuesday published three new teaser images for the 2023 Accord. The first two focus on the exterior, showing off a chunk of both the front and rear ends. The front fascia finally ditches the massive visual maw, opting to split up its grille and lower air intakes with actual body-colored bumper. The headlights look thinner, as well, so we should expect something fairly modern, closer to the new Civic and CR-V.

2023 Honda Accord Teaser

Goodbye, massive lobster-claw taillights.


The 2023 Accord's rear end undergoes an equally large change. I don't enjoy the current generation's taillights, which look far too large. The new Accord cleans the whole thing up, opting for a sleeker design that sees two thinner taillights connected by a strip running the width of the rear end. It gives off more than a little bit of an Audi vibe.

Inside, things appear quite different, as well. In addition to a large gauge display at the edge of the picture, smack dab in the middle is a 12.3-inch touchscreen rising from the dashboard, the largest display in a Honda to date. The infotainment system itself gets a revamp, too, picking up onboard Google apps, including the Play Store, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

2023 Honda Accord Teaser

12.3-inch screens have slowly grown to become the industry standard in many vehicles.


Honda didn't divulge too many details about what lies beneath the new Accord's sheet metal, though. From the badges on the outside, the screen on the inside and the text of the press release itself, we know Honda will continue to offer the Accord as a hybrid. The OEM promises its new hybrid will be "more responsive and fun-to-drive," something I already liked about the outgoing one. 

You can look forward to learning more about the 2023 Accord when it makes its debut in November.