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2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross prices slide in under $25,000

The 2022 Eclipse Cross comes with far better looks, too.

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
It certainly looks better.

If you overlooked the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in the past, the Japanese automaker wants you to have another look with the 2022 model. With revised looks and a less funky vibe, the underdog SUV hits dealers soon with a starting price of $24,590.

Now, the low price doesn't get you a lot of the goods other Eclipse Cross models carry. Specifically, the $24,590 price, which includes a $1,195 destination charge, nets buyers an ES trim that lacks the brand's updated infotainment system with 8-inch display. So, realistically, the LE trim will be a better volume seller. Honestly, who knows how many ES trims will even make their way to dealership lots. Moving to the LE includes the mentioned 8-inch display with a new infotainment system, standard heated seats, automatic high beams and rain-sensing wipers.

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The rear reminds me of a lot of different SUVs.


Just so Eclipse Cross shoppers know their options, the SE trim rings in at $27,340 and the range-topping SEL trim comes in at $28,590. An optional Touring Package adds $2,100 to the SEL's price, but it also loads the SUV with heated seats in the front and rear, plus nine different reclining options. Also note the brand's Super All-Wheel Control AWD system costs $1,600 atop any trim.

Now that you know what you get along the trim hierarchy, it comes down to the Eclipse Cross' new looks. While the front receives mild tweaks for the better, the rear gets the bigger changes and ditches the long light bar for some more conventional taillights. It's a little more anonymous, but it's certainly not bad. Inside, the SUV's lined with more premium materials and ergonomic changes, including good ol' volume and tuning knobs for the infotainment system. The old touchpad is gone. Oh, and there's a little more cargo space, too.

We'll see the SUV at dealers soon, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next-generation Outlander coming very soon as well.