Jeep reveals two-row Grand Cherokee 4xe, promises full EV lineup by 2025

The iconic off-road brand confirmed an all-electric Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are coming.

This new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is important.

Jeep's all-electric off-road future is nearly upon us. After dipping its toes in the water with the electrified 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, Stellantis has announced that Jeep will offer an all-electric model in every segment by 2025. The brand announced this plan during its inaugural virtual Stellantis EV Day 2021 programming on Thursday.

As part of the announcement, Jeep also gave the first glimpses of the two-row short-wheelbase version of the new Grand Cherokee 4xe, flashing images on screen during the online presentation. While the company didn't give any further details regarding the product itself or its on-sale date, the midsize SUV's 4xe badging suggests it won't be a full battery-electric vehicle; it will be a plug-in, like the aforementioned Wrangler model. It looks pretty much as we expected, with a shorter body, a sleeker greenhouse design, and slightly different bumpers, lights and detailing compared to the three-row L.

Yep, the 4xe looks like a Grand Cherokee alright.


Jeep also confirmed it will build all-electric versions of its forthcoming Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer full-size luxury SUVs.

Additionally, Jeep teased a new Freedom BEV concept on screen that appears to be based on today's JL Wrangler. Pictured below with its doors removed and a high-clearance suspension, the brand is telegraphing that the shift to zero-emissions electric power likely won't come at the expense of the brand's off-road ability.

This presentation screencap teases an all-electric Freedom concept based on the Wrangler.


During Stellantis' presentation, the company showed video vignettes that hinted at a broad suite of potential future technologies for the Jeep brand, including everything from peer-to-peer EV charging to Wrangler lay-flat seats (for "stargazing") and even drone pairing to capture off-road adventures on video. However, the company stopped short of guaranteeing that such features will appear on future models, noting, "future models and features may vary."