Ford making a 'splash' in 2022 with new Ranger colors

Fresh Ranger Splash Limited Edition paint hues were just announced, but don't get too excited because they're all pretty muted.

New colors are inbound for 2022.

Remember the Ford Ranger Splash? With their vivid paint jobs and vibrant graphics, these trucks added a dash of color to America's roadways back in the 1990s. Cashing in on this nostalgia, last September the automaker revealed that this trim would be making a comeback in 2022. Fulfilling this promise, on Friday, Ford announced three new Ranger Splash Limited Edition colors.

Looking understated and sophisticated, the Ranger Splash Snow Edition features a taupe-like paint job called Avalanche. Gray accents on the body and grille nostrils add a bit of contrast, while inside you'll find unique ebony-hued leather with Ash Gray stitching and special carbon-weave tuxedo stripes. Around 750 Snow Edition Rangers will be built and they should be available starting in the spring. This package will be offered on the range-topping Lariat trim.

It's hard to argue with this deep, rich green.


Next is the Ranger Splash Forest Edition. As its name suggests, this midsize pickup features a deep-green paint job. Magnetic accents break things up, while the truck's red grille trim really stands out. Cloth covers the seats, though they also have Ash Gray stitching and carbon weave tuxedo stripes. Ford expects this Ranger Splash variant to be available in summer on midrange XLT trucks. Around 500 will be produced.

This paint color is called Desert Sand. It contrasts with Magnetic-gray accents and red grille nostrils.


Finally, there's the Sand Edition Ranger Splash, which will also be offered on the XLT trim. Just like the green truck highlighted above, roughly 500 of these are expected to be built. They're dressed in fetching Desert Sand paint and, predictably, feature Magnetic-colored accents and red grille nostrils. Inside, you'll find ebony-colored cloth seats, Ash Gray stitching and more of the same accents as the other two Ranger Splash motifs previously mentioned. Look for these rigs at Ford dealers in the fall.

None of these new Ranger Splash trucks are as effervescent as their forebear from three decades ago, but they all look nice and this appearance package is reasonably priced at a modest $1,495. Look for these pickups to debut throughout 2022.

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