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2021 Mazda3 turbo will happen thanks to lots of support, report says

Rumors have swirled for over a year now, and it appears Mazda will answer the call for a turbocharged Mazda3.

2020 Mazda3
It could pack 250 hp.

The latest Mazda3 is a swell little car in both sedan and hatchback forms, but if there's one thing it could use, it's a little more power. While it doesn't look like we'll get a new Mazdaspeed3, it does seem very certain a Mazda3 turbo is on the way.

Jalopnik reported Wednesday the Mazda3 will receive the long-awaited boost for the 2021 model year. The website cited dealer code screenshots shared by a source, which reportedly shows the turbocharged model variant will be available for both the sedan and hatchback. Mazda declined to comment on the news. However, the Mazda3's program manager, Kota Beppu, told Autocar last year he's heard lots of support for such a car around the world. Good job, everyone.

Assuming the info is solid, and according to the website, this source has been valid in the past, fans will finally receive turbo power in the small car. The dealer codes also reportedly reveal the turbocharged models will come with all-wheel drive exclusively and feature six-speed automatic transmissions. Sadly, it doesn't look like a manual transmission is in the cards for the turbo models.

One nugget of information isn't totally clear, though. The codes include a "PP" designation, and Jalopnik takes a few guesses as to what it could mean. It could be something like "Premium Package," or something new like a "Performance Package." Your guess is as good as ours for now.

The most likely turbocharged engine to find its way under the hood is Mazda's 2.5-liter turbo-four, which makes 250 horsepower in the Mazda6, CX-5 and CX-9. If it cranks out 250 hp in the Mazda3, the car will most definitely pack Mazdaspeed3-like power credentials, even if the brand continues to follow a more premium path. We can't wait.

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