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2021 Kia Stinger shoots for premium aspirations with swankier interior

The design updates extend to the exterior, though the changes aren't drastic.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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2021 Kia Stinger
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2021 Kia Stinger

Honestly, this blue is not the Stinger's best color.


Happy Wednesday, here's the refreshed 2021 Kia Stinger for your viewing pleasure.

revealed the updated hatchback sedan late Tuesday, and while it mostly looks like the same animal outside, the insides receive a pretty premium makeover. And before you ask, no, Kia hasn't shared details about the powertrain. Those changes will be revealed at a later date, the Korean automaker said.

Starting outside, this is still the same lovely design we saw years ago, but with a few updates. The headlights gain a new design with an updated LED signature, while the rear taillights also receive an update. The reverse lights move to the bottom of the taillight design now and Kia said the integrated turn signals now feature 10 LEDs in a grid pattern to mimic the look of a checkered flag.

Again, without diving into powertrain details, Kia said those who opt for "more powerful" Stinger models will also get enlarged exhaust exits, which look utterly massive in the photo provided. A new rear diffuser keeps things fresh at the back, too.

Although we don't know if these changes will translate exactly to Stingers in the US, Kia did mention North America when talking about optional packages, so we know we're in for the updates in some shape or form. Kia confirmed the US will see the Stinger once again, though declined to offer specifics. A spokesperson merely told us to expect news later this year, "and it will be fun!" Consider the can of speculation open.

2021 Kia Stinger: Make it fast, but with more luxury

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As for the packages, the Stinger's options menu will include a "Black Package," which adds lightweight 19-inch wheels finished in black, a different rear wing and a black coloring for the mirror caps and side trim. Aside from the blacked-out 19-inch wheels, new 18- and 19-inch wheels are also available outside the Black Package.

The major changes come inside the Stinger, where Kia outfitted the cabin with what looks like far plusher materials. The Stinger's cabin already feels pretty great, but quilted leather seats (likely only for South Korea), new contrast stitching for the door panels and either aluminum or carbon fiber trim around the center console really up the game. The Stinger's tablet-style touchscreen gets an update as well. Now, there's a 10.25-inch screen that sits atop the dashboard.

We don't have a firm date for when we'll see the 2021 Stinger reach North America, but Kia said the car will go on sale globally in the third quarter of this year. Those who wanted a little more luxury from the Stinger certainly got their wish in these updates.

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