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Here's the first 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection car in all its glory

Ford and its partner Multimatic will only build 40 of these, each customized to their new owners' liking.

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection
Looking good.

Take it all in, friends. This is the first of 40 special Ford GT supercars that comes from the automaker's Studio Collection series. Revealed this past August alongside the GT Heritage Edition, the few dozen owners of these cars have endless options to create a unique GT.

Ford said Monday this particular car features a Shadow Black exterior color with Competition Orange accents. The orange specifically highlights various styling elements, including the cooling ducts on each side of the supercar. Black wheels keep this GT looking sinister.

The lucky owner of this one clearly kept things more restrained, because Ford offers seven colors for this program and an even wider palette for various color combinations, should someone want to go wild. We'll have to wait and see what others decide to do with their build slots, because Ford remains tight-lipped on just how personalized these cars can get.

The Studio Collection series is part of the final model years of GT production, wrapping up in 2022. We'll more than likely see at least one other special edition to mark the second-generation car's departure from production, and its reborn winning streak in motorsport.

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