2020 Ford GT adds power, gets bare with exposed carbon fiber body

Ford showed the upgraded supercar off at the Chicago Auto Show, and there's also a reimagined Gulf Racing Heritage livery available if you're feeling nostalgic.

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Sean Szymkowski
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2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon
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2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon

All carbon fiber, all the time.

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Three years into the latest Ford GT's life, the automaker has gone ahead and given the supercar some mechanical and cosmetic upgrades.

Ford on Thursday revealed the 2020 GT, and no matter what kind of exterior appointments buyers choose, everyone's getting more power. There's a total of 660 horsepower packed into the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine now, or 13 hp more than before. Aside from unlocking extra power, the automaker also said there's a broader torque band and upgraded engine calibration. This updated GT should be a slightly different beast than what came before it.

Final engine improvements come in the form of upgraded pistons and higher-energy ignition coils, which Ford said the track-only GT Mk II helped pioneer. The big flying buttresses hide their own improvements, too. Revised air ducts allow 50% more air to funnel through. Meanwhile, larger intercoolers help keep charge air temperatures chillier to ensure that power is always ready, even during intense track sessions.

2020 Ford GT gets an all-carbon-fiber look, updated retro livery

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Speaking of the track, the 2020 GT's track mode boasts upgraded suspension damping for sharper handling and body control. And all the while, there's a newly standard Akrapovic titanium exhaust to help the car sing its sound.

All of these goods are standard, but where buyers will have more choices rests in the exterior. New for 2020 are two exterior motifs: exposed carbon fiber and updated Gulf Racing Heritage livery. Ford calls the exposed carbon fiber Liquid Carbon, and it's like it sounds: The carbon fiber is on full display with a special clear coat as the only separation. Carbon-fiber wheels are also standard, but a handful of titanium components and stripe packages are also on the menu for this exterior package.

If showing off the carbon fiber's weave isn't a priority, the Gulf Racing Heritage livery is a mighty fine option, too. The updated look features a black pinstripe separating the blue and orange colors, while the optional carbon-fiber racing number changes from 9 to 6. The racing number revision directly recalls the two-time Le Mans-winning car. Finally, carbon fiber wheels are part of the options list for the Heritage model, replacing standard alloy wheels.

With just two years left of GT production, the latest changes should spark continued interest in the supercar. Ford said deliveries of the 2020 model are already underway. 

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