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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor sounds meaner in spy video

That sure sounds like a deeper rumble than the current Raptor, but it also doesn't sound like a V8.

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The new Raptor should sound meaner than the current one.

Jake Holmes/Roadshow

The current Ford F-150 Raptor is great. It really is, but it doesn't sound quite nearly as intimidating as the original off-road pickup, which packed an honest-to-goodness V8 engine.

It doesn't sound like there's a V8 under the hood of this 2022 F-150 Raptor prototype, but it sure sounds better than the current truck. The F-150 Gen 14 forum posted video of the upcoming off-road monster on Friday, and some swell individual followed the truck for over eight minutes.

The video gives us a clear look at the upcoming truck, which could debut later this year. The same evolutionary design is definitely under the camouflage, but the truck will surely wear more aggressive cues, aside from the totally obvious knobby tires.

As for the sound, it definitely comes off as more pleasing than the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 under the hood of today's F-150 Raptor, but it'd be pretty clear cut if there was a V8 under the hood of this prototype. Perhaps Ford engineers performed some magic to simply give the truck a better growl. It'll be appreciated if this translates to the production truck.

Under the metal, we previously reported the next Raptor will almost certainly ditch leaf springs for a coil spring setup, which will mark a major change for the truck and should help make it an even better off-roader. But don't fear -- Fox shocks will be part of the final product.

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