The 2021 Cadillac Escalade will debut in a Spike Lee short film

A new teaser image for the short reveals the luxury SUV's front end.

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Who doesn't love Spike Lee?


The next-gen Cadillac Escalade is debuting early next month in Hollywood, California, and Cadillac has announced the luxury SUV will star in a short film directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee.

The film, titled Anthem, will serve as the introduction for the Escalade on the day of its unveiling. We don't know much about the short, but Cadillac says it will capture "the presence, innovation and movement" of the Escalade. Sure! It will also feature Lee's signature double-dolly shot, a camera technique that dramatically draws the viewer toward the subject.

While there's not yet a video teaser for the film, Cadillac did release a photo that shows Lee sitting in a director's chair in front of the Escalade while being filmed. This is our first real glimpse of the Escalade's nose, and we can see a huge grille connected to two slim, horizontal LED headlights. It's quite a departure from the upright headlights of the current 'Slade, but that look is echoed by large vertical LED lights in the bumper that are positioned underneath the headlights like on the crossover.


Sorry for cropping that guy's butt like this.


Previously Cadillac teased the Escalade's interior, which will have a massive curved OLED screen setup. The 38-inch touchscreen is said to have twice the pixel density of a 4K screen, and it will have perfect blocks and a range of sharp colors. We also know the Escalade will come with Cadillac's Super Cruise semi-autonomous system at launch, but that's about it -- at least officially. 

The Escalade's Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon stablemates have already been revealed, so the Caddy should get many of the same features and upgrades. That means a longer body with more interior space, independent rear suspension, new transmissions, a large head-up display, magnetic dampers, and maybe even a diesel engine. Don't expect an off-road model like its siblings get, though.

We'll know more when the Escalade debuts on Feb. 4 in Beverly Hills, after which it will show up on the Oscars red carpet.

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