2021 Cadillac Escalade will sport a huge curved OLED display

The upcoming luxury SUV's display will span a whopping 38 inches.

The big luxo barge is getting a really big screen.

The Cadillac Escalade has long stood for big luxury, and for its next act, it's getting a big ol' screen.

The luxury brand teased a massive 38-inch-plus screen set for the 2021 Escalade. Not only is this a massive display by automotive standards, it's going to check the box off for first application of a curved OLED display in a vehicle. OLED is the hottest thing in screen technology, and unlike typical LED screens, OLED screens don't require a backlight. Instead, every pixel illuminates itself.

That, needless to say, lends to an incredibly crisp picture. The screen also has twice the pixel density of a typical 4K-resolution screen, Cadillac says, though it doesn't specify its resolution. Cadillac said the Escalade's screen will show off perfect black tones and an incredibly wide range of color.

In the video embedded above, we're presumably treated to the startup animation drivers will be graced with when plopping down inside the big SUV. The Cadillac shield logo is front and center, while the "Escalade" name appears to the right. Everything else is largely shrouded in shadows, but as we learned last week, the new Super Cruise highway autopilot system will be available at launch. In the video, the familiar light bar embedded in the steering wheel quickly flashes to life. 

Even with the big screen, we see there are still a layer of buttons below, so not every function will be sent to the display.

Aside from the display news, Cadillac has kept quiet about its arguably most important vehicle. It'll likely gain a lot of the improvements from the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban (like an independent rear suspension), but how much it'll share with its more pedestrian siblings remains to be seen.

The sheet will come off on Feb. 4 in Beverly Hills -- a fine place for an Escalade to make its grand entrance.

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