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Nobe 100 is the 3-wheeled, classic-inspired EV nobody knew they wanted

But now we've seen it in all of its unbridled cuteness, it will haunt our dreams.

Nobe Electric Cars

America pretty much doesn't give a crap about three-wheeled vehicles. They're charming novelties at best, like the Morgan Three Wheeler, or expensive jokes like the Campagna T-Rex or Polaris Slingshot

What if a car came along that could change that with good looks, a reasonable turn of speed and an electric drivetrain? The Nobe 100 hopes to do just that.

We have to address the elephant in the room: The Nobe 100 is cute as hell. Like, Audrey Hepburn in white gloves cute. It's the car Edna Mode would drive. 

The styling of the Nobe is decidedly vintage, if not terribly original. The interior, for example, has a gauge cluster and temperature control design cribbed from the beloved W113 Mercedes-Benz SL (aka the Pagoda). The exterior borrows from classic Fiats, Facel-Vega, Isetta, Messerschmitt and others. Listen, if you're going to steal, do it from the best era.

Underneath the vintage-style bodywork lies a fully battery electric three-wheel drivetrain with all-wheel drive. Right, we said a three-wheel drive, three-wheeled car. Mind blown yet? 

The makers of the Nobe say that it will do over 60 mph and should return a range of around 136 miles per charge. It's not exactly a Tesla, but it's not a toy either. Oh, and the battery pack looks like a vintage suitcase. What the what?

The founder of Nobe, Estonian businessman Roman Muljat, estimates that the Nobe 100 will be available for sale by 2020 (depending on a successful FundedByMe campaign) for a price of around $34,000, though it's unclear whether the car would be sold in the US. We are, however, crossing fingers that it will be.