2020 Mercedes GLB250 faces trio of safety recalls

Electrical problems due to water intrusion and a pair of airbag issues could spell trouble for nearly 6,000 examples of the small SUV.

These three recalls affect the boxy GLB in its first model year.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz has issued a trio of recalls for its 2020 GLB250 small SUV. The largest of the safety campaigns affects 5,680 examples of the compact German crossover, while the other two notices are much smaller in scope, affecting just 33 vehicles combined.

The largest recall centers on a water-intrusion issue that could damage electrical components. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notice, water can leak into the front passenger seat's footwell from the wheel well area, potentially damaging electrical components. This condition can lead to everything from an engine stall incident to a failure to start or faulty instrument cluster performance. Owners of affected 2020 GLB models will be notified of the issue by mail beginning July 27, and affected models can be brought in to dealers to have the fender area inspected and resealed free of charge.

In other GLB-related safety news, 17 models are being recalled over a potentially faulty airbag. According to the NHTSA filing, the front passenger airbag inflator and cushion may not have been installed correctly within the airbag module. This could lead to the airbag tearing when deployed in an accident, increasing risk of injury or death. Affected 2020 GLB250 owners will be notified of the recall by mail beginning July 27, with dealers inspecting the airbag module in question and replacing it free of charge if necessary.

Finally, 2020 model-year GLB250 SUVs may also have a faulty side-curtain airbag issue. Mercedes is recalling 16 vehicles because the safety devices may not deploy correctly in a crash. According to the filing, "due to a deviation in the production process, certain unapproved curtain airbag variants may have been installed on the driver and passenger side." Affected owners will be contacted by mail of the recall starting on July 27 and Mercedes will replace the side-curtain airbag at no cost to owners.

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