Mercedes-AMG is back in the boat biz with Cigarette Racing and 2,700-hp Tirranna AMG Edition

The Tirranna AMG Edition has six engines and will do 80 miles per hour in open water.

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This 59-foot bad boy is making its debut at the 2020 Miami International Boatshow and we're borderline obsessed.

Mercedes-AMG/Cigarette Racing

It's that magical time of year once again when Mercedes-AMG decides to dabble in matters aquatic and release a branded cigarette boat for the Miami International Boat Show. Last year's 41-foot carbon fiber-clad beauty made 1,600 horsepower and topped out at 83 miles per hour, so how can the designers top it this year?

Well, in at least one way, it seems they can't. The new 59-foot Cigarette Racing Tirranna Mercedes-AMG Edition will only manage 80 mph. Sure, that's not a big deal. It's 3 mph less, but when you consider that it uses six Mercury Racing 450R engines to bring the grand total up to a cool 2,700 horsepower. That's 1,100 more seahorses than last year.

Minor differences in miles per hour aside, this thing is a monster. It works to bridge the gap between off-shore race boat and yacht by incorporating lots of high-tech lightweight materials like carbon fiber into the structure of the boat. The styling of the Tirranna AMG Edition was finalized by the maniacs at AMG in Affalterbach too, so it has plenty of unhinged Teutonic style.

Even cooler is that the companies worked together to create a special Cigarette Edition G63 that shares some of the finishes of the boat -- aka its black and gold exterior and beige and blue interior -- and even better, these finishes won't be available on any other G-Wagen.

The AMG G 63 Cigarette Edition boat represents the 12th collaboration between Cigarette Racing and AMG and if things get any wilder, we're almost scared of where it'll go next.

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