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2020 Karma Revero will set buyers back a few thousand dollars more

The luxury hybrid will command more coin, but its new powertrain might warrant the cost.

The Revero is a mighty expensive plug-in hybrid.


Following its debut at Auto Shanghai this past April, Karma has revealed how much it will cost to put a 2020 Revero in your driveway. Long story short, it's not an inexpensive car.

Neither was the first-generation Revero, either. The original Revero cost $131,400 after a mandatory destination charge. The 2020 Revero with its updated looks and powertrain adds $5,000 to the price. Karma said in its Thursday release the latest model commands a $135,000 MSRP but did not disclose destination. We assume that figure will stay the same or increase slightly.

The $5,000 increase perhaps bakes in some value over the outgoing car when reading through the 2020 Revero's spec sheet. This time, there are still electric motors that drive the wheels at all times, but the range-extending gasoline engine comes from BMW

Specifically, it's a turbocharged three-cylinder engine found in the BMW i8. While Karma likes to call the Revero "all electric," that's not exactly the case. Instead, the engine never actually drives the wheels, but when the batteries are out of juice, it powers the electric motors. At the end of the day, there's no mechanical connection to the engine but it's not a pure electric car.

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The new internal-combustion engine works with two electric motors and a 28-kWh lithium-ion battery for a total driving range of 360 miles. The pure electric range sits at 80 miles, which is up from 50 miles in the previous-generation Revero. Performance also jumps to 536 horsepower and 1,100 pound-feet of torque. Those figures are up from 403 hp and 981 pound-feet of torque and 0-60 mph happens in 4.5 seconds instead of 5.4 seconds previously.

While the powertrain is the 2020 Revero's biggest change, the design is slightly updated with redesigned panels, new seats inside and a tweaked center console with added storage. The interior also hosts a new touchscreen system, new audio architecture for sound performance and blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic detection is part of the options roster.

Karma is taking preorders for the new Revero now and deliveries are set to start in the fourth quarter of this year.