2019 Ford GT goes on a diet with lightweight Carbon Series

The new package saves 39 pounds of weight.

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2019 Ford GT Carbon Series

It's hard to imagine you'd find the regular Ford GT to lack performance, but for those customers who do want some extra punch, there's now the Carbon Series. The limited-edition version of the car drops 39 pounds off the GT's curb weight. It follows up the earlier Gulf Heritage special edition.

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series

The Carbon Series follows the Competition Series and Gulf Heritage special editions.


The weight-loss regime doesn't go quite as far as the GT Competition Series. Where that's a car that a track-day nut might tow to a favorite circuit, the Carbon Series is meant for people who drive their GT to and from the track. That's mainly because the Carbon Series retains the GT's radio and air conditioning, both of which are eliminated in the Competition.

Instead, the Carbon Series equips your Ford GT with carbon-fiber wheels, titanium lug nuts and a titanium exhaust as standard. Those parts were already available as options, but the Carbon Series bundles them into one package. The rear hatch is also different, using a polycarbonate material and featuring more venting for the engine. Moreover, says that engineers removed the GT's cupholders and the driver's-side storage bin to reduce weight.

Carbon Series cars come with an unpainted center strip that shows off the carbon-fiber weave beneath a protective glossy layer. An optional accent package (silver, red, orange or blue) draws a thin stripe down the middle of that stripe, with matching accent-colored exterior mirrors. Inside the cabin, look for special Carbon Series badges and various red accents. Overall, Ford says the Carbon Series has more exposed carbon fiber than any other version of the GT.

Of course, Ford won't say how much someone would pay to equip a GT with the Carbon Series, but with the standard supercar starting at nearly half a million bucks before options, we doubt it's a cheap option.

By the way, the 2016-2020 production run of the Ford GT is already sold out, so you may be wondering how a buyer would get this 2019 special-edition version. Well, even though the cars are "sold," buyers don't elect their car's options until Ford is almost ready to produce that specific GT. In other words, if you're on the lucky 1,000-person (and soon to be 1,350-person) list, there's still time to go for the Carbon Series.

2019 Ford GT drops 39 pounds thanks to new Carbon Series option

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