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2020 Ford Escape, Transit Connect recalled for tire pressure, engine issues

Thankfully, the recalls don't affect a massive number of cars.

Keep those tires filled in colder weather, America.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Ford on Monday announced two new recalls affecting the Transit Connect van and the Escape compact crossover. No recall is good news, but if there is a slice of positivity, it's the fact neither of the recalls are particularly far-reaching.

The Blue Oval said 2,903 Transit Connect vans will need to head back to dealerships in the US. Another 584 are part of the same recall in Canada. According to the automaker, these vans feature a buggy engine failsafe that will allow the engine temperatures to rise past safe values. Delays to the "failsafe cooling strategy" could result in engine damage and increase the chance of a fire. Ford said dealers will update the powertrain control module free of charge to ensure the engine doesn't cook itself alive on accident 

As for the Escape, 689 of the crossover SUVs will need to go back to dealers in the US, while another 19 are affected in Canada. According to the recall announcement, a wonky tire pressure monitoring system may not catch low tire pressures. In turn, drivers may not realize tire pressures are low, which could lead to a decrease in handling performance and an increase in the risk of a crash. You can always go old school and check your own tire pressures, but let's face it: having technology to check it for us is very convenient. And when we rely on it, it's important to make sure it works in tip-top shape. Dealers will replace the body control module at no cost to owners to fix the issue.

Notices for those who own affected vehicles should mail out shortly.

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