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2020 Audi A5, S5 range receive a nip and a tuck

And there's mild-hybrid technology for the masses.

2020 Audi S5
Beautiful in blue.

The 2020 A5 and S5 family keeps things corporate with its latest refresh and largely mimics the changes we saw in the refreshed Audi A4 line. That's not to say it's a bad thing, but if things look overly familiar, it's because they are.

The latest A5 Sportback, coupe convertible and sportier S5 debuted last Friday for the European market, but expect most of the changes to translate to US-spec cars when they make their way across the Atlantic. Highlighting the changes is Audi's latest iteration of its family grille, which is flatter and wider. Edgier is the name of the game here. At the rear, more horizontal lines come into play with trapezoidal tailpipes on display.

Sit inside and you'll see the latest iteration of Audi's MMI touchscreen, which handles infotainment duties. It measures 10.1 inches with a focus on the driver, thanks to a slight tilt in their favor. The rotary dial is gone, as it continues to disappear from Audi models, in favor of acoustic feedback from the touchscreen. Every A5 model in the UK will come with the navigation system as standard equipment as well. Ditto for Audi's virtual cockpit that measures 12.3 inches and can display navigation and other essential functions directly in front of the driver. The latest system can also communicate with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure when applicable.

The cockpit also stays the course, but looks like a nice place to spend time.


Should you want additional features, Audi will let you buy upgrades on the fly for an additional cost through its phone app.

Moving right along to powertrains, the A5 range will come with an electrified four-cylinder engine. A belt-alternator starter system recovers what would be lost energy and dumps it into a compact lithium-ion battery. It's also integrated into the car's 12-volt electrical system. For S5 models, they get a new 48-volt electrical architecture.

Speaking of the S5, there's a turbodiesel engine under the hood for Europe. Effectively, it marks the end of the gasoline-powered S5 in the old world. The 3.0-liter V6 diesel will make 342 horsepower and a whopping 516 pound-feet of torque, but don't expect it here in the US. We'll get another gasoline engine. The diesel powerplant will also feature a mild-hybrid system to boost efficiency and power an electric compressor. The system spools the turbocharger up almost instantly to kiss turbo lag goodbye. Smashing the throttle will reveal a 0-62 mph time of fewer than five seconds, according to Audi, while an eight-speed transmission shuffles power to all four wheels.

Other A5 models will have the Quattro all-wheel drive system as an option and boast a seven-speed automatic transmission.

First deliveries of the tweaked A5 and S5 range will happen in spring 2020 in Europe. We'll likely see the US-spec model shortly after.

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