2019 Infiniti Q50 Signature brings lots of standard equipment to New York

Lots of the Q50's optional bits are now included.

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The Q50 is still a good looking sedan.


The Shanghai Motor Show is next week, and Infiniti has a pretty sweet electrified sedan concept set to debut there. The New York Auto Show is happening at the same time, and for that show, Infiniti has… a new trim. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

Infiniti on Thursday announced that it will bring the 2019 Q50 Signature Edition to the 2019 New York Auto Show next week. The Q50 is in the middle of its lifecycle, so instead of some far-reaching adjustments to its underlying bits, the Signature Edition simply represents a valuable bundling of options as standard equipment.

The exterior of the Q50 is already pretty handsome, and the Signature Edition doesn't change that… much. There's a sportier front and rear fascia on order, and there's a unique set of 19-inch alloy wheels along for the ride, and other than that, there's a Signature Edition badge on the trunk. Inside, there's special aluminum trim and leather-appointed seats. It's available in five different colors: Black, blue, gray, a different gray and white.

As for the equipment, there's a lot of it. The ProAssist Package is now standard, and it includes blind spot monitoring, a surround-view camera system, front and rear parking sensors and rear automatic braking. The Essential Package is also standard, adding heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, remote engine start, embedded navigation and a four-year trial of SiriusXM Traffic.

Infiniti said the Q50 Signature Edition will only be built in limited quantities, but it didn't specify how many would be built. Nevertheless, it'll be at dealerships in May. Pricing will likely be unveiled closer to its release date, perhaps at the New York Auto Show itself. Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow, because we'll be at both New York and Shanghai (at the same time! Magic!), bringing you all the new-car coverage we can jam onto the internet.

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