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Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept is a sharp, electrified sports sedan

We'll see even more when it makes its actual debut at the Shanghai Motor Show.

High-riding sedans offer a bit more versatility, and that could spell the difference between a buyer choosing a sedan or a crossover.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Infiniti first teased the new Qs Inspiration concept in the first week of April, but at that time, it only said that it was a sedan that happened to be electric. Now, on the eve of its on-stage debut, there's a bit more information (and some actual pictures) to share.

Infiniti on Wednesday unveiled the Qs Inspiration ahead of its formal debut at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show. Billed as offering "a new perspective on the design and layout of the sports sedan," the Qs packs some interesting aesthetics wrapped around an electrified center.

Upon first glance, it's hard to tell there's even four doors on this thing. Both pictures Infiniti supplied only really show the front end, but some clever zooming shows that the second set of doors appears to be hidden away. If the off-color hinge-looking bit at the back is any indicator, it might rock a set of suicide doors, because concepts can get weird like that. It's also taller than your average sedan, sort of like the Polestar 2, because everybody is interested in SUVs and quasi-crossovers these days.

Infiniti claims the Qs Inspiration rides atop an entirely new platform that's meant specifically for electrified powertrains. To that end, Infiniti did say that this concept previews a future production model. The automaker hasn't revealed any specs yet, saying only that the concept rocks "electrified all-wheel drive." That means it could be a hybrid of some kind with an electric motor independently powering one of the axles.

If you're hoping for a picture of the interior, you'll have to wait a bit longer. But don't fret, because Roadshow will be on the ground in Shanghai to check out the Qs Inspiration and plenty of other unique vehicles headed China's way. If it's anything like the Q Inspiration concept from 2018 or the QX Inspiration from earlier this year, it'll be a proper looker with the electrified bite to match the bark.

There's a second set of doors back there... somewhere. Otherwise, Infiniti wouldn't be calling it a sedan.