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Dodge announces the Octane package for 2019 Charger Hellcat

The package includes a bunch of hellacious decals, black badges and interior trim changes.

If you're interested in the most malevolent of sticker and trim packages, then the $1,495 Octane package on the 2019 Charger Hellcat is for you. 

When people talk about the Dodge Hellcats, most of the time it's the two-door Challenger getting all the love and attention. This is, of course, a near-criminal oversight because it's the four-door Charger Hellcat that is the genuinely bonkers member of the family.

Dodge is keen to give people even more of a reason to look at the Charger Hellcat with its new $1,495 Octane appearance package, which it announced on Tuesday. The Octane package is available in either Pitch Black or White Knuckle looks on the exterior, though both are graced with a matte black racing stripe with red accents. The trim and exterior badging are also blacked out.

Inside, things get a little more interesting with the availability of SRT Performance seats for the first time in a Charger Hellcat. These come with red accent stitching as well as black and white houndstooth inserts, red seatbelts and gloss black interior trim.

The rest of the package is pure, good old' fashioned Hellcat -- oh, except for the 20-inch forged Cross Brace wheels. Those come from the Scat Pack and feature knurling on the beat area so you can rip sick burnouts and not worry about the tire slipping on the wheel.

If this sounds irresistible to you, then you better skedaddle down to your local Dodge dealer soon, because the Octane package is only available through the end of the model year -- not the calendar year. These will start showing up at dealers sometime this fall.

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