2018 Toyota Camry, Lexus vehicles recalled for fire risks

When fire's involved, you bet automakers are going to act quickly.

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Considering how many Camrys are sold each year, it's good that Toyota's recall only affects around 11,000. It could have been much, much bigger.


It's never a good time when you have to recall cars that haven't even been on sale for a year, but that's where Toyota currently is. Not with one recall, but with two.

Toyota issued two recalls for similar issues across a variety of new vehicles. The first recall affects approximately 11,800 examples of the 2018 Toyota Camry. In this recall, fuel pipes and hoses in the engine bay might not be connected properly. If that's the case, the improperly connected components could lead to a fuel smell or, worse, a fuel leak.

Fuel leaks are dangerous not because you might run out of gas sooner than anticipated. Rather, fuel has this interesting quality where it likes to combust, so introducing a fuel leak near a source of heat or spark could result in a vehicle fire. Toyota will remedy the issue by inspecting the parts in question and, if necessary, attaching them correctly. Affected owners should receive recall notifications by late March.

The second recall is close, but a little different. This one affects 9,900 vehicles, including the 2015-2018 RC F coupe, the 2016-2018 GS F sedan and the 2018 LC 500 coupe. In this case, one of the car's two high-pressure fuel pumps might have a damaged cover, which could lead to a leak over time.

Again, fuel leaks lead to serious fire risks, which is why this recall is so important. Dealerships will remedy the issue by replacing both fuel pumps with improved models. For this recall, affected owners should expect recall notifications to be mailed out by early April.

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