Ford recalls 273 EcoSport SUVs for European cross-contamination

Imagine the horror of opening the manual in America and seeing the word "tyres."

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2018 Ford EcoSport
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2018 Ford EcoSport

As far as recalls go, this one leans much closer to "funny" than "dire."

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Whether it's a misplaced label or a chance of engine failure, if something is out of spec, a manufacturer will recall the vehicle in question. Ford's latest recall, which covers its newest SUV on the market, is on the lighter side.

Ford has issued a recall for 273 examples of the 2018 EcoSport, which only recently went on sale in the US. The affected vehicles were manufactured at Ford's Chennai facility in India between Oct. 27, 2017, and March 6, 2018.

European cross-contamination is to blame. The cute-utes in question were shipped to the US with European owners' manuals and European brake fluid reservoir caps. Federal vehicle standards are different from those in Europe, so the pieces in question ­must be US spec in order to pass muster. Since these cars are technically outside of federal compliance, Ford has to recall them, even though the problem is barely a "problem" at all.

Remedying the issue is as simple as swapping out the brake fluid reservoir cap and sliding the proper owner's manual into the glove compartment. Like all recall-related work, it will be provided free of charge -- if any dealer tries to bill you for unscrewing a brake fluid cap and screwing on another, you might want to find a different dealer.

In the meantime, I can offer up some simple tip for making sense of the European owner's manual. For example, Google can do unit conversions in its search bar, and every time you see "tyres," it means "tires." 

Is the 2018 Ford EcoSport too little, too late?

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