This 8,000-mile Bugatti Veyron is Bring a Trailer's 50,000th listing

It provides great insight into how expensive it really is to own a Veyron.

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This Veyron is BaT's 50,000th listing.

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In the decade that online auction platform Bring a Trailer has been around, it has changed the entire car sales industry and become a frequent point of conversation (and arguments) for enthusiasts around the world. This week the site listed its milestone 50,000th auction, which just so happens to have the potential to be its most expensive sale ever: a 2008 Bugatti Veyron.

This Veyron is a pre-facelift 16.4 coupe model finished in Beluga Black with a black leather and Alcantara interior. It's chassis number 89 out of 252 "normal" Veyron coupes built, and it's the 29th out of 76 that came to the United States. While black on black isn't normally my favorite spec for a Veyron, this one just looks super classy, especially with all the original chrome trim and those incredible wheels still intact. The odometer shows just over 8,000 miles, which in the grand scheme of things is fairly high for a Veyron.

The car has been completely unmodified apart from a custom stainless-steel exhaust system that was installed in 2018 by Sire Custom Performance. The listing includes a video of the car, and it sounds noticeably throatier than a stock Veyron, which was the goal; a BaT commenter called the shop to inquire about the exhaust, and the horsepower gain and weight savings are apparently negligible. The car also includes the stock muffler.


The Veyron's interior has aged exceedingly well.

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This listing gives a wonderful insight into how damn expensive it is to own a Veyron, even if it barely gets driven. (T-Pain famously sold his after it needed a super-pricey repair.) The Veyron uses special Michelin Pilot Sport PAX tires that weren't used by any other car, and in late 2011 at 5,988 miles these four were replaced at a cost of $41,714.70. (Yes, really.) Another service in 2017 rang in at $47,738.20, consisting of an annual service, a bunch of minor fixes and a full air conditioning replacement that came in at nearly $25K on its own. Seriously, go check out BaT's full gallery and take a read through the service records -- it'll make you feel better about how much your oil changes cost. Bugatti also recently launched a new service program for Veyron and Chiron owners that should make future repairs easier to stomach.

When the Veyron was new it started at around $1.7 million, though depreciation led to them being available for high six figures at the beginning of the last decade. Then the Chiron debuted in 2016 with a $3 million price tag, and second-hand Veyron prices started rising again. BaT has previously only listed one real Bugatti, a 1927 Type 38A, and this Veyron is one of the only modern hypercars to ever make it onto the site -- both a Porsche 918 and a LaFerrari have been listed for auction and got super-high bids, but neither sold. With 9 days left in the sale, this Veyron is currently sitting at $1,001,000, so it could well become BaT's most expensive sale ever, beating out the current record-holding Mercedes 300SL that sold for over $1.2 million in 2019. 

This Bugatti Veyron could rake in the big bucks on Bring a Trailer

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