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Bugatti's Passeport Tranquillité helps Veyron and Chiron owners with service

The service plan includes yearly service for your Veyron or Chiron as well as roadside recovery.

Now even Bugatti is offering extended service plans.

As we've seen before, servicing a Bugatti is no mean feat. It's complicated and costly, and both of those things mean that many a Veyron and Chiron end up sitting in collections, collecting dust instead of miles.

Bugatti wants to do its part to change that, and its solution is a new program that it's calling Passeport Tranquillité, which it announced on Friday. The program is a yearly service for Veyron and Chiron owners, regardless of the vehicle's warranty status. It works on either two- or four-year time frames, depending on the model you own.

For Veyron owners, Bugatti is offering two types of plans under Passeport Tranquillité: Active and Collector. Collector is targeted at vehicles that do less than 124 miles in a year. Active is for cars that see slightly more regular road time. Owners can have a yearly 14-hour service or do a 32-hour service every other year. This version of Passeport Tranquillité can be done for either two or four years.

Chiron owners have things a little different. They can only do the four-year Passeport Tranquillité because the Chiron's service needs are slightly different from the Veyron's. This means that the Chiron gets a single 14-hour service each year and then a four-year major service that takes around 72 hours to complete.

To have your car qualify for the Passeport Tranquillité program, it must pass an 85-point inspection at a Bugatti-authorized service center. The nice thing, though, is that even if you sell your car after joining the program, the service is tied to the vehicle, not the owner, so the oligarch who buys your car will be covered too.

In addition to the service aspects of Passeport Tranquillité, owners also get included worldwide roadside service and a Bugatti-branded car care kit, packed with cleaning and detailing supplies.

Presently, Passeport Tranquillité is available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, but there are plans to make it available in the US starting this summer. 

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