Titan 'bot' is like an Echo Show that understands your mood

The Titan AI Robot responds to your commands and monitors your mood.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read

The Titan's shape reminds me a little of an old-fashioned TV, which belies this "bot's" intentions to be on the cutting edge. The Titan AI Robot combines the functionalities of a smart speaker with a touchscreen -- similar to the Amazon Echo Show . Titan seeks to stand out with facial and speech recognition that supposedly help the device interpret your mood and respond accordingly.

Titan's AI uses that information to make food, movie and music recommendations based on how you're feeling. Titan is also launching an entertainment service and hub to securely store your videos and pics, so it'll likely pull selections from that Titan Core hub when it figures you're in the mood for a movie.

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Whether or not its mood interpretations are useful remains to be seen. Otherwise, it does what you'd expect of a smart speaker with a screen. You can make video calls and watch videos on the screen. You can use your voice to search the internet, play music or control your smart home .

Unlike the Echo Show and the similar Google Assistant devices we've seen at CES , the Titan AI Robot swivels on its base, so it can follow your movement as you walk through a room. If Titan's AI really is smart, a robot that can make recommendations might be useful, but I'm also worried that a speaker that knows my mood and watches me move through a room might be a little creepy.

Titan hasn't announced pricing or availability for the AI Bot yet. 

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