Keep Tabs on your home and family with these smart sensors

Tabs sensors merge home security and personal safety into one tidy package.

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Keep track of your stuff with TrackNet's Tabs sensors. 

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Tabs from TrackNet is a smart sensor system designed to keep track of stuff you don't want to lose, as well as monitor your home.

You can currently buy the complete set of sensors on Kickstarter, starting at $229 (roughly £170/AU$290).

So, what do you get for your money?  

  • Wristband locator
  • Object locator
  • Motion sensor
  • Door/window sensor
  • "Healthy home" sensor
  • Smart button 

While Tabs sounds very similar to what companies like Trackr and Tile make, Tabs relies on a protocol called LoRaWAN (long range wide area network) that TrackNet says will limit connectivity issues and other related concerns. 

TrackNet says its sensors are customizable and designed to alert you to a person's location (a child or an elderly family member), as well as help you find lost items and even track the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a home. Tabs should also work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT in early 2018. TrackNet has not said exactly when it plans to ship Tabs to backers. 

As always, please note that CNET's reporting on crowdfunding campaigns is not an endorsement of the project or its creators. Before contributing to any campaign, read the crowdfunding site's policies -- in this case, Kickstarter -- to find out your rights (and refund policies, or the lack thereof) before and after a campaign ends.

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