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Samsung WA54M8750AW review: This Samsung washer has no business in your laundry room

Samsung's WA54M8750AW top-load washing machine has some significant flaws.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
3 min read

In a lineup of top-load washing machines, Samsung's modern $1,099 WA54M8750AW stands out. Next-gen aesthetics aside, the WA54M8750AW is highly disappointing. And even though it's currently on sale for $649, I still wouldn't buy this washer. It didn't perform well, its display is hard to read, the latch holding the washer lid and sink together is flimsy and I completely gave up on the glitchy Samsung Smart Home app mid-setup. Save your money for the high-performing $1,530 Kenmore Elite 31633 instead (it's currently on sale at Sears for $990).


Samsung WA54M8750AW

The Good

Samsung's $1,099 WA54M8750AW washing machine has a built-in sink for hand washing or presoaking delicate items. Its modern design sets it apart from traditional top-loaders.

The Bad

The WA54M8750AW didn't perform well. It's hard to see the washer's display from a distance and the tab holding the lid and sink together comes loose too easily. The Samsung Smart Home app is glitchy.

The Bottom Line

You can find much better top-load washing machines around the same price.

Samsung's modern top-load washer doesn't destroy stains

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Modern design isn't enough

The Samsung WA54M8750AW channeled LG's $1,150 WT1801HVA with its integrated display. I like the concept of moving the instrument panel to the main washer compartment (rather than having a random hunk o' plastic and metal sticking up). It's similar to the difference between freestanding and slide-in range display panels. But the WA54M8750AW's design didn't do well in practice. Its panel sits so flat against the washer you can't read the display from a distance.

Like select other Samsung top-loaders, the WA54M8750AW has a sink so you can soak or hand wash heavily stained or delicate items with ease. The sink is a useful addition, but you'll pay extra for it -- and this particular model has a significant design flaw. The tab that holds the lid and the sink together is in the center of the washer, rather than hidden on the side. Half of the times I tried to open the WA54M8750AW's lid to get to the wash compartment, I accidentally released the sink. Frustrating.

Here's how the WA54M8750AW stacks up against other top-loaders in its price range:

Comparing washing machines

Samsung WA54M8750AWMaytag MVWB955FCLG WT1801HVAKenmore Elite 31633Whirlpool WTW8700EC
Price $1,099$1,399$1,150$1,530$1,399
Color finish White, black stainless steel (for $1,199)Metallic slate, white ( for $1,299)Graphite steel, white (for $1,050)Metallic, white (for $1,420)Chrome shadow
Capacity 5.4 cubic feet6.2 cubic feet4.9 cubic feet6.2 cubic feet5.3 cubic feet
# of cycles 1210121010
Energy consumption 180 kWh/year240 kWh/year135 kWh/year290 kWh/year196 kWh/year
Water consumption 14.8 gallons15.3 gallons15 gallons15.6 gallons17.4 gallons
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 27x42.4x29.3 inches29.5x43.4x30 inches27x40.2x28.4 inches29.5x43.5x30 inches27.5x42.3x28 inches
App Yes, Android and iPhone NoYes, Android and iPhoneNoYes, Android and iPhone
Enlarge Image

At a glance, Samsung's WA54M8750AW looks like a solid contender alongside the other high-end top-load washers in the chart above. Its 5.4-cubic-foot capacity can easily hold all of your clothes, it's priced lower than its competition and it's supposed to work with the Samsung Smart Home app for Android and iOS. I unfortunately had no luck connecting the washer to the app. It closed and logged me out regularly for no apparent reason and I ultimately gave up after more than an hour of failed attempts.

Can it clean?

The Samsung WA54M8750AW did not perform well. 

To score stain removal, we run three identical cleaning cycles with "fresh" stain strips soiled with skin oil (sebum), mineral oil (carbon), pig's blood, cocoa and aged red wine. After each run, we calculate how much of the original stains are left -- the lower the number, the better it did removing stains.

On average 50 percent of the WA54M8750AW's original stains remained after a cleaning cycle. In contrast, the Kenmore Elite 31633 had just 41 percent of its original stains remaining overall. Take a look at the graphic to see how Samsung's WA54M8750AW compared to its other top-load competition in terms of stain removal.

We also run thin squares of fabric through the same three cleaning cycles. After each cycle ends, we count the number of attached, frayed threads that measure at or over 2 millimeters long. The higher the number, the tougher that washer is on clothes (in the normal cycle).

Samsung's WA54M8750AW had 254 attached, frayed threads. Kenmore's 31633 had an average of 251 threads per wash cycle; LG's WT1801HVA had 243 threads; and Maytag's $1,399 MVWB955FC had just 208. While the Samsung WA54M8750AW wasn't particularly tough on clothes, other washers were gentler.

Enlarge Image

Fabric squares pre- and post-cleaning cycle.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The takeaway

Samsung's $1,099 WA54M8750AW washing machine is an intriguing concept, poorly executed. It looks modern, but the flat, hard-to-read display hurts usability -- and the built-in sink is much too easy to open. This washer didn't perform well, either. Skip the WA54M8750AW and consider the impressive Kenmore Elite 31633 as an alternative. And, if you really want a washer with a built-in sink, take a look at the $899 Samsung WA52M7750AW. It didn't perform particularly well, either, but it doesn't suffer from the same design and usability challenges as the pricier WA54M8750AW. Bonus: It's currently on sale for $549.


Samsung WA54M8750AW

Score Breakdown

Design 7Usability 3.5Features 7Performance 5.5