The $50 stove and grill guard is an add-on feature to 2Gig security systems and is compatible with Honeywell Vista control panels. 

Nortek Security and Control

Nortek Security and Control company has released a sensor that ties cooking safety into your overall home security system. The company's 2Gig Stove and Grill Guard monitors when you use a burner on your gas grill or gas cooktop and sends you alerts to keep you from forgetting to turn off the stove. The $50 guard is an add-on feature to 2Gig security systems and is compatible with Honeywell Vista control panels. 

A growing number of products have focused on using connected technology to bring more safety to the kitchen by monitoring when a stove or cooktop is in use in case you forget something on a burner. You can retrofit them onto appliances you already have, and they have varying levels of control. For example, the iGuardStove Intelligent uses a motion sensor and power box to determine if you've left your cooking unattended and turn off your entire stove. The Inirv React Wi-Fi-connected burner knobs will turn off your cooktop if its accompanying motion sensor doesn't detect movement from you or it picks up on smoke or fire. The Wallflower plug can't turn off your stove -- it only monitors its use and sends you alerts if it detects that you're away from home and the stove's still on. 

Security systems often include monitoring of smoke and fire. But the 2Gig Stove and Grill Guard is the first time we've seen a security setup that includes a product that's just concerned with whether or not your cooktop is on -- and the first to take grills into account.

You install the sensor beneath the burner knob of your choice. The sensor sends an alert to your security control panel and/or security monitoring app when you turn the knob at least 20 degrees from the off position. You can personalize when and how you receive alerts within app of the service provider through which you receive monitoring services, such as 

The 2Gig Stove and Grill Guard is a thoughtful feature to add to a home security package. Even though you can only use this particular guard with a limited number of security systems, it's a good indication of the additional safeguards that security companies will begin to include in their packages.