IGuardStove Intelligent review: iGuardStove has your back if you're forgetful in the kitchen

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The Good The $495 iGuardStove Intelligent automatically shuts off your stove if you step away for too long, which could help keep kitchens safe for families, kids and older adults. And built-in Wi-Fi lets the iGuardStove send you email alerts if five or more auto-shut-offs happen within 24 hours.

The Bad The iGuardStove is expensive, and a few features didn't make it to the launch date, including a mobile app that would make it easier to access and change the device's settings.

The Bottom Line The iGuardStove Intelligent is a good product if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one leaving a stove unattended.

7.6 Overall
  • Features 7
  • Usability 8
  • Design 7
  • Performance 9

Half of house fires in the US start because something goes awry during cooking. A Wi-Fi-enabled device wants to curb those accidents by managing the power that goes to your stove and keeping an eye on you while you cook.

The $495 iGuardStove Intelligent automatically shuts off your stove if you leave your cooking unattended thanks to a two-part system of a power box and motion detector. And the built-in Wi-Fi can help keep you posted online about how often the system has to shut down off your stove and send you alerts if it's happening a little too often.

The product has its shortcomings, including the absence of a mobile app (the company said it's on its way) and a cost that makes it out of reach for a lot of people. But it's useful if you need an extra set of eyes in the kitchen of someone who may forget that they're cooking.

You plug the iGuardStove's power box (bottom) into your wall outlet, and you plug your range into the power box. You mount the control panel (top) near your stove.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The iGuardStove is a simple device that smartens up your electric range with little effort on your part. You plug the iGuardStove's power box into into your wall and plug your range into the power box. You connect the box to a control panel that has a built-in motion sensor and mount that panel beneath an upper kitchen cabinet next to your range (or in a place that's not directly over the stovetop).

If you've started to cook something on a burner or in the oven and step out of the motion detector's range for more than 5 minutes, the iGuardStove will put your range into standby mode so that your food stops cooking. The device will turn your range back on if you step back into the motion detector's view within 30 minutes -- if you take longer, you have to press the reset button on the iGuardStove's control panel.

You can adjust all of these settings in your online account or directly on the control panel (a tricky feat thanks to some pretty small fonts). There's also a manual mode you can enable on the control panel if you need to cook something for a longer period of time and don't want your oven to shut down. And the child lock mode will require you to press a button on the control panel before the iGuardStove lets your oven come on.

Here's where the Wi-Fi comes in: You connect the iGuardStove to your home's Wi-Fi network, and the device will begin to keep a digital record of how many times you've turned on the oven and how often the iGuardStove shut off your stove.