The Inirv React includes four knobs that you retrofit to your cooktop and a sensor you mount on your ceiling.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Inirv React knobs will change colors if it detects that something's cooking, but the sensor doesn't detect any motion from you.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Admit it: You've put some ramen in a pot on the stove, stepped out of the kitchen and forgot all about your instant meal. Hopefully, you caught your mistake before a fire broke out. But a startup called Inirv Labs wants to make sure you avoid household disasters with knobs that will automatically shut off your burners if you forget you're cooking.

This week at CES in Las Vegas, Inirv hooked up its system -- called the Inirv React -- to a cooktop and demonstrated how it will keep your kitchen (and ramen) safe. The company also launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the product this week, and it surpassed its $40,000 goal within three days. The system will cost $299 when it's released, and it will come with four knobs and a sensor. That price converts roughly to £245 in the UK and AU$410 in Australia.

Here's how $299 Inirv React system works:

  • You mount a sensor to your kitchen ceiling. The sensor is Wi-Fi- as well as Bluetooth-connected, and it can detect smoke, gas and motion.
  • Pop off your old burner knobs and replace them with Inirv knobs, which are also Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled.
  • The sensor will prompt the knobs to automatically shut off your burner if it detects a hazard like smoke or fire, and it doesn't detect any motion from you.
  • The Inirv's iOS and Android app will also send you a notification to let you know that it's about to shut your burner off.

You'll be able to change the settings and disable the turn-off feature in the app in case you need your burner on for long periods of time, like if you're making a stew over low heat for a couple of hours.