Concrete speakers for your next mixer by Master & Dynamic

The Master & Dynamic MA770 is a wireless speaker which offers striking design and... well, it's made of concrete.

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Master & Dynamic

First came speakers, then came speakers that looked like rocks, then came speakers that were made of rocks (well, concrete). The Master & Dynamic MA770 is a wireless speaker that offers both striking design and up-to-date features.

The MA770 is the company's first speaker and, like the meticulously-crafted headphones, it went overboard in every way it could.

The speaker has credentials that's for sure -- it was developed by the designer of the new National Museum of African History in Culture in Washington D.C, Sir David Adjaye.

The speaker consists of dual 4-inch Kevlar woofers paired with a 1.5-inch titanium tweeter. It's housed in a proprietary concrete composite that offers "increased dampening, reduced resonance, and a purer sound". It gives new meaning to the term "musique concrète".

Master & Dynamic

Though it's only about a foot tall, that concrete sure adds to the MA770's weight at 16kg, or 35 pounds.

The speaker is powered by 100 Watts of Class D amplification and it can be used as a single unit, paired with another for stereo or join a multi-room setup.

That's right, the MA770 offers both Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity with Chromecast built-in. While most competitors, such as Raumfeld, added Chromecast after the fact the M&D seems to be designed with Google's streaming protocol in mind. It also offers a 3.5mm auxiliary and an optical input.

But innovation doesn't come cheap, at $1,800 or £1,600 the MA770 is deserving of its new place on our list of "best and craziest high-end wireless speakers". The Master & Dynamic is available for preorder from the company's website now and ships in May 2017.