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LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW FireWire and USB 2.0 with LightScribe (16X/8X/2.4X) review: LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW FireWire and USB 2.0 with LightScribe (16X/8X/2.4X)

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The Good Good performance overall; LightScribe feature allows permanent labeling on specially coated disc surfaces.

The Bad Poor choice for video-editing software; toll call to technical support.

The Bottom Line The LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW FireWire and USB 2.0 (16X/8X/4X/2.4X) with LightScribe is an average external drive at an average price.

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6.0 Overall
  • Setup 6
  • Features 8
  • Performance 5
  • Support 5

Review Sections

LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW FireWire and USB 2.0 (16X/8X/4X/2.4X) with Lig

The LaCie d2 LightScribe DVD+/-RW external drive (16X/8X/4X/2.4X) gives PC users an easy way to store their multimedia files but few compelling reasons to buy it. Its pricing is average and its performance is adequate, though the Iomega Super DVD 16X16 drive outperforms the d2 in most areas. Businesses will like the LightScribe feature, which allows the drive to burn permanent text and graphics on discs that have a compatible LightScribe coating, but many casual users may opt to stick with more cost-effective stick-on labels. The software bundle is also adequate, but video-editing enthusiasts will need more than the Roxio software included in the box. In short, LaCie's d2 LightScribe DVD+/-RW external drive is awash in a sea of similar offerings and has no particular hook to draw your attention.

The external (FireWire/USB 2.0) LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe is attractive overall, with a black face in a cool silver enclosure. The unit sits evenly on your PC or nearby shelf, and since it doesn't have ventilation holes, you can conveniently stack it with other drives or devices. A basic drive tray, activity LED, and eject button adorn the face. Continuing the trend found in many other drives, the LaCie d2 doesn't provide a headphone jack or a volume control (though audiophiles can still play back music CDs through their PC). The rear panel offers two FireWire ports, a high-speed USB (2.0) port, and an external power connection.

Everything you need to install the LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe comes in the box, including the AC adapter, a FireWire cable, a USB 2.0 cable, a LaCie Utilities disc, and a quick-install guide. The guide offers little practical help; fortunately, installation is as simple as powering up the drive and attaching the FireWire or USB cable to the host PC. Once connected, Windows XP sees the drive and installs the proper drivers (Windows 98 SE and Me users will need to preinstall the d2 drivers from the utilities disc). If you're looking for more details on the drive and how to use it, refer to the electronic user manual included on the utilities disc.

The LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe offers complete support for all popular disc formats except for double-layer DVD-R. This makes it extremely handy for video recording, photo scrapbooking, music projects, or other multimedia projects. You can also move the LaCie d2 between PCs. One uniquely interesting feature of the d2 is its LightScribe capability, which allows the drive to burn the "label side" of the disc. Of course, you'll need LightScribe-compatible discs, and you'll need to burn the label side as a separate step (you must flip the disc over after the data has been written), but a well-designed label burned to the disc can give the completed media a very professional look--a real plus for business users.

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