Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0 review: Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0

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MSRP: $149.95

The Good Superspeedy single- and double-layer ripping and burning; easy installation; thorough user guide; free tech-support chats.

The Bad Toll-based tech-support number; limited phone-support hours.

The Bottom Line For fast ripping and burning at a reasonable price, the Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 is hard to beat.

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6.8 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7
  • Support 6

Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0

The Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0 adheres to the old adage: What's inside matters most. This double-layer USB 2.0-based DVD burner has a plain-Jane appearance that belies its quick performance, with especially fast times in single- and double-layer DVD ripping and burning, as well as writing data to DVD+RW discs. It also ships with a detailed user guide and several handy software apps for creating, viewing, and/or listening to discs. To top it off, the Iomega Super DVD Writer's price is comparable to those of other burners that offer slower overall performance. All of these considerations add up to a very solid device for any home or small-business user seeking an external DVD writer.

The Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0 won't win any prizes for prettiest external DVD burner, but its functional design gets the job done. The black and gray case has a straightforward, rectangular shape that lacks any aesthetic curves, with the exception of its slightly rounded seams. Its front edge houses a convenient headphone jack, a volume wheel, and an LED that lights up when the drive is in the use. Its back edge features only its USB 2.0 and AC power ports.

Iomega bundles a ridiculously long quick installation guide with the Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0 that repeats the same instructions in 20 different languages. The actual installation process is over in just a few steps: install the Iomega Hotburn software on either your PC or Mac; connect either end of the included USB cable to the drive and to your computer's USB port; and plug the power cable into the drive's AC port and the wall. This procedure is detailed through a series of helpful pictures in the quick-install guide and is explained again in the user manual, which also includes in-depth information on using and troubleshooting the drive.

Once the Super DVD Writer 16X16 USB 2.0 is up and running, you can choose to install any one of the additional applications that Iomega provides with the drive. The list includes Sonic MyDVD 6.1LE for creating discs and editing captured files; Sonic CinePlayer 2.1 and Musicmatch Jukebox for respective DVD and CD playback; Iomega Automatic Backup for saving extra copies of your files; and Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition for arranging photos.