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Kodak Hero 5.1 review: Kodak Hero 5.1

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The Good Low print costs; good-quality output; easy to set up; decent scanner.

The Bad Combined colour ink cartridge; slow print speeds; small screen.

The Bottom Line The Kodak Hero 5.1 all-in-one colour inkjet printer isn't very speedy, but it produces great results and its running costs are among the lowest around. It also looks very stylish and offers a good range of features for the price.

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8.3 Overall

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The Hero 5.1 slots in at the bottom of Kodak's latest upmarket range of all-in-one inkjet printers. Priced at around £100, it's relatively expensive, but it does offer a decent range of features, including Wi-Fi, a colour screen, automatic two-sided printing and a card-reader slot.


As with the other models in the Hero range, this one features a bold new design. The main body of the printer is matte black, but there are glossy highlights on the control panel and the band across the front. Kodak has also added a red accent on the lip of the scanner lid and slapped brushed-metal paint on the panels that flank the paper tray. Overall, the 5.1 isn't quite as attractive as the higher-end Hero 7.1, but it still looks pretty flash.

The front is home to a memory-card reader that accepts Memory Stick, as well as SD and MMC, cards. Next to this, you'll find the PictBridge-compatible USB port, so you can plug your camera directly into the printer. The colour screen is handy for choosing photos that you want to print from your camera cards, but it's on the small side, so you can't make out very much detail in your snaps.

Kodak Hero 5.1 cartridges
The Hero 5.1 has a combined colour ink cartridge, so, when one colour runs out, you'll have to replace the whole shebang.

The paper feeder takes up to 100 sheets at a time, and the printed results are spewed out into a telescopic tray that sits directly on top of the feeder. Unlike the 7.1, the 5.1 doesn't have a separate photo-paper tray, so, when you want to print photos, you have to remove your A4 sheets first.


The 5.1 is quick and easy to set up. The instructions provided with the printer are easy to follow and the software installer automatically checks for new updates before installing the driver software and Kodak's Home Center application.

Home Center includes various creative tools. For example, it lets you print 3D pictures that you can then view with the included anaglyph 3D glasses. Home Center also allows you to configure the printer from your PC, and set up cloud printing, using either Google's cloud-printer service or Kodak's own email printing option.

Scanning and copying

The flatbed scanner has an optical resolution of 1,200dpi and you can scan to a computer, memory card, USB drive, network drive or email address. Scan results retain plenty of detail and colours are quite accurate too.

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