HiMirror Mini smart mirror crosses the Atlantic to judge Europeans

The HiMirror Mini Premium will start to ship to Europe in October.

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Ashlee Clark Thompson

Get ready, Europe. A small smart mirror is coming your way to tell you a thing or two about the way you look.

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We first saw the HiMirror Mini at CES 2018. The mirror will begin shipping to Europe in the fall.

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A new version of the HiMirror Mini internet-connected mirror will begin to ship to Europe in October, HiMirror announced Thursday during the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Like the model we saw at CES early this year, the HiMirror Mini Premium uses a built-in camera to analyze your skin, track your skincare goals, and monitor the impact of your beauty products. Plus, you can connect this tabletop mirror to the internet, so you can listen to music or check the weather while you do your makeup.

A HiMirror rep said the premium model will have extra features that include more options to adjust the built-in LED lights and easier integration with social media apps. It will cost 259 euros (roughly $302/£232/AU$416). 

We first saw the HiMirror at CES 2017. The company has since released a Plus version, along with a model designed for businesses like salons and spas.

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We've seen a growing number of smart mirrors that don't just tell you how you look, but take a deeper dive into the biometrics they measure. While the HiMirror focuses on the face, some models scan and analyze your whole body, such as the Naked Labs Body Scanner.

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