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YouTube ups file size limits with new software uploader

Upload nice and big video files to YouTube with its new video uploader.

Much like Google Video's software uploader, YouTubenow has a multifile uploader of its own. While you can still upload up to 100 MB files through YouTube's Web interface, having installed the small piece of Windows software (Mac version coming soon), YouTubers are now able upload several video files at once, at up to 1GB a pop, which is 10x the size of the standard uploader. Interestingly enough, you still have to go through a Web interface, even with the software installed on your machine. The processing is still (thankfully) done on YouTube's servers, which the company says can take up to a half hour to crunch the larger or more complex video files.

Like the single file uploader, the multivideo iteration lets you change tags and edit the options of each video, although there are no batch functions, which is slightly disappointing. Also disappointing is that despite the bump in size limitations, Google is still capping videos to 10 minutes, although if you're making original content, you can probably finagle a director account, or other specialty classification pretty easily, which doesn't have such restrictions.

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Upload multiple video files at a time with YouTube's new multifile video uploader. CNET Networks