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YouTube: Now even better for the short-attention-span set

A new player makes it easier than ever to channel surf on YouTube.

YouTube just rolled out a change to its embedded player. Now, when you mouse over a playing video, everywhere but on itself, you get a fancy list of related videos across the bottom of the player, like the Mac OS Dock. There are also next and previous arrows on the sides of the player now.

YouTube's new video dock. CNET Networks

Formerly, you had to wait for a video to end before you got the list of relateds. With this new feature, you don't have to wait anymore. Bored with what you're watching? Zap on over to another vid in a heartbeat.

It's a good feature and nicely implemented, but it also means that the number of videos that get played to the end will likely decrease--a lot. If you're producing vids for YouTube, keep this in mind. Get your licks in early, because your audience is now much more likely to walk out the door before your final act.