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YouTube founder uses April Fools' prank to show off video service

Chad Hurley turns YouTube's joke into a promotion of, his new video-sharing service.

Elaborate Aprils Fools' Day joke or a teaser of something that's actually in the works? Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley used a YouTube prank to promote a new video-sharing service today, sparking speculation over whether or not he's taking us all for fools.

"Since @YouTube is ending, we're launching a new video site... Welcome to! @MixBitApp This time it's not a contest!" he tweeted today.

The tweet plays off YouTube's prank for April Fools' Day. The company declared that it was closing down YouTube because it was meant to be the world's largest video submission contest.

Hurley included a link to, a Web site that features the message, "YouTube is shutting down. Instead of sitting around, we thought you'd want a new site to not only watch cat videos, but create them...together!"

MixBit could be the same service Hurley spoke about at the South by Southwest Interactive conference earlier this month. AdWeek reported that Hurley spoke about a collaboration platform for video that wouldn't be a YouTube competitor.