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Yahoo Finance site gets more personal

The site now displays a list of your chosen stocks in the upper left so you can easily keep track of them.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Yahoo has given its Finance Web site a new look and layout designed to deliver more personalized information.

You can now add a list of stocks that you own or want to follow in the upper left corner. The page then displays the current trading price of each one. Clicking on the More button reveals further details, such as the latest price changes and the market capitalization. And clicking on a specific ticker symbol takes you to a full page with information on that particular stock.

You can now sync your brokerage accounts with the Finance page to see how your portfolio is faring in real time. The Markets section is now integrated with the home page. A new calendar displays the day's market events. And Trending Tickers reveals the most popular stocks among other Yahoo Finance users.

The revamped Finance site was scheduled to launch on Wednesday but had to be pushed back. The update follows an overhaul of the Yahoo Finance iOS app.

The key changes are explained in a blog posted Friday. Yahoo has invited users to check out the new site and leave their feedback. So far, though, the feedback is running negative with people complaining about missing features and requesting the return of the old format.