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With 540 iPhone apps, an iPhone font is born

If you have time on your hands, you can come up with some rather interesting ideas. One person has designed an iPhone font created entirely out of App Store apps.

iPhone Font

If you're having a rough start to your Monday, sit back, relax, and take a look at the iPhone Font found at

It's a perfect way to start your week.

Rather than simply use apps on the iPhone, the designer--whose name may actually be Uri Kane--decided to create a font out of the multitude of applications in Apple's App Store. Even better, each letter is color-coded, which must have made it even more difficult to develop.

In a video showing off the letters that were created, the designer wrote that the font was developed from 540 iPhone apps. The designer also indicated, as you might expect, that the work was the result of "too much free time."

The font is definitely noteworthy, and the designer should be commended for the hard work that must have gone into creating it. But I have a problem: there is no "W" and there are no numbers.

Complaints aside, it's a neat idea that once again shows off the ingenuity of the human race.

If you're interested in seeing a video of the different letters, here it is:

(Via Engadget)