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Windows 8.1 update price is £75

Windows 8.1 will cost £75 when the update hits computers on 18 October, unless it's free.

Microsoft has confirmed prices for the next generation of Windows. Windows 8.1 is set to cost £75 for the latest update, or £125 for the professional version -- unless you're already running Windows 8, in which case it's free.

The first major update to the latest version of Windows hits computers around the world from noon on 17 October. If you buy a new computer or laptop with Windows from 18 October, you'll find the new software is already in place. If you already have Windows 8's colourful squares on your PC, it's a free update. And upgrading from the standard version to Windows 8.1 Pro costs £62.

Windows 8.1, codenamed 'Windows Blue' in the run-up to release, is designed to pull back from some of the more controversial aspects of Windows 8. The Start menu is reinstated to the bottom-left of the desktop, although the included options and shortcuts aren't quite the same as the familiar Start button from previous versions.

You can also boot straight to the Windows desktop, cutting out the bold new look for the front page. For more features that will arrive in Windows 8.1, check out our handy photo gallery.

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